Calle Las Lengas 450- Lago Posadas

Pcia. de Santa Cruz - Patagonia Argentina

Tel: +54 (0) 2963 490266 / Bs.As.: +54 (0) 11 5237-4043


RIO TARDE Casa Patagónica is projected as a meeting place between the visitor - ready to discover and feel the regional landscapes - and the histories of life of these lands, of now and before.

The architecture of traditional esthetics and precise details of engineering is opened to the immeasurable landscape, covering a total surface of 500 m2.

Comfortable rooms will lodge the tourist, and a wide socio cultural space will integrate multiple activities.

Declared of Communal Interest, RIO TARDE proGOLD RIVER VALLEY CIRCUITposes a new place where to stay, to be, and to enjoy.